Not sure what an EcoAward project looks like? Here are just a few ideas.

Low Carbon Food

How important is food in generating greenhouse gases? Can families be helped to reduce the carbon footprint by making simple changes to their meals?


How much greenhouse gas and other pollution is released by people travelling to a workplace? How could this be reduced?

Litter Picking

Litter is not only unsightly, it can ruin our experience of nature and poses a danger to animals that may ingest it. Often litter on a trail ends up in a river and is carried from there into the sea.

Picking up litter makes people feel good about them themselves, giving them a purpose, connecting them with nature, increasing their activity levels and connecting them to others.

Research could finding out what litter picking already happens in the neighbourhood, how can the City Council help, what benefits have local people found in doing it, where are the worst spots locally, what equipment would be needed to do it, what are the safety issues, how can the picked litter be taken away.

Zero Carbon

What does it mean for a family, a school or other community to be zero carbon? Have any schools achieved it and if so what can you learn from their experience?


What does it take to set up an EcoTeam? What could such a team achieve? What EcoTeams already exist locally and what do they achieve?

Existing Environmental Groups

What environmental groups already exist near you? What help do they need?

Other Ideas

A little research will reveal many other things you can do to reduce the impact of you and the people you know on the environment. Give it a try!