Who can apply

During the pilot year of 2023, only Coventry schools and students will be able to apply. We expect to open the awards to other groups in 2024.

How to apply

Details of how to apply will be added to this page early in 2023.

How to achieve an EcoAward

To achieve an award, students will need to:

  • Research an environmental problem or issue;
  • Plan and run a project to reduce the impact of that problem or issue;
  • Gather evidence on the results of their project;
  • Prepare and submit an application for the EcoAward.

Applying for an EcoAward

The application will need to show that:

  • They have understood the environmental problem or issue and what is causing it;
  • What their project aims to achieve and how;
  • What actions they took to implement their project;
  • What were the results of the project;
  • How the project could be improved in future.

Evidence Required to Obtain School EcoAward

The project is to be presented in the student’s or group’s chosen format.

These could include:

Written and illustrated submissions

Written reports should be well illustrated and be no more than 1000 words long.

Audio or video recordings

Audio and video presentations should not exceed 6 minutes in length.

A product such as an object or website

If a physical object has been produced, submit photographs and a description.

An electronic poster

A poster should be a high-resolution electronic image size A4 or larger.

A presentation such as Powerpoint

Slide show presentations should normally have no more than 15 slides with each slide having a concise, and relevant amount of text.

Judging Process

The judges will be looking for evidence of Research, Teamwork and Innovation among other criteria.

For more details of all the criteria see https://ecoaward.uk/judging-process/


If you are successful an email will be sent containing a certificate showing your award and its grade.


The email will contain the scores you received for each criterion, to help you to improve on your grade with another submission.

Judges’ comments will be included in the feedback and may be included in the certificate.